Early Application Submitted? What to Do While You Wait.

Hello Early Applicants!

It’s November 5, a few days after our November 1 deadline, and you may be wondering “What I should be doing next or did everything I send arrive properly at Villanova?” A great way to check is to access the application checklist via your Applicant Status Page.

Here is an example of what you might see:



As seen in this screenshot, you can see what items have been entered into our system and which ones we may still be waiting for. Documents sent through Naviance will update within 24 hours.  Items sent through mail or email will be registered within one week. Also, when it comes to Teacher Letters of Recommendation (only one is required), the checklist will not specify the sender of the letter.

If you are still missing the Villanova Essay or your Report Card/Senior Progress Report you may add current grades (first quarter/first marking period/grades in progress/etc.) directly to your application by selecting the Upload option (please see below) . Please do this by December 1.


Hope this helps! Now that your application is in, please take the time to focus on and enjoy your senior year!

Justin Ledesma
Senior Assistant Director

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