Aca-Amazing Activities

“I think we’re going to be aca-awesome.”

In the Pitch Perfect world, a cappella means serious business. From song choice and arrangement to choreography and performance, a cappella groups need hard work, dedication and incredible talent, and our groups at Villanova are no exception to this rule.

On Friday, March 24, our seven a cappella groups took to the stage in Jake Nevin Fieldhouse for the annual A Cappella Palooza. Hundreds of students and family members gathered to watch some outstanding performances, and while it isn’t as competitive as you might see on the big screen, A Cappella Palooza is to be taken very seriously. Our seven groups, two co-ed, two all male and three all-female, spend months perfecting each performance and wowed the audience with new renditions of their favorite artists, from Bruno Mars to Ariana Grande, and even a Kanye West versus Taylor Swift mash-up. It’s every a cappella fan’s dream, and one of the most exciting events each spring at Villanova.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 1.07.31 PM
Vocal Minority, one of Villanova’s all male a cappella groups

While students involved in a cappella are rehearsing and performing all year round, A Cappella Palooza is the chance to show off the unique styles and talents each student and group possesses. Students take to the stage with their best moves, hitting the highest notes and celebrating their long awaited reward after countless late night rehearsals and cups of hot tea. Seeing the Jake Nevin Fieldhouse filled with cheering students and music fans makes A Cappella Palooza a hit for students attending for the first time and those who come back year after year.

“My a cappella group is my home away from home. Joining it as a freshman immediately integrated me into the university and made me feel like I was a part of something. It’s a great opportunity for me to continue doing what I love with the people that mean the world to me!” – Madison Barella ’20

Nothing But Treble

While Villanova is known for its challenging academics and exciting athletic opportunities, our campus is filled with various musical activities for students to get involved in! Aca-scuse me? Whether you’re interested in a cappella, playing a musical instrument or acting on stage, Villanova has a number of ways to get involved. Students are dancing, rehearsing lines and singing the days away here on campus. Activities like a cappella bring campus to life as students are seen performing outside during a warm day in the fall semester or serenading prospective students on Candidates’ Day. A Cappella Palooza gives students at Villanova something to sing about.

From a cappella to musical theatre, Irish dance to choir, music activities are promoted and enjoyed by a large population of Villanova students. While A Cappella Palooza is one of music activities’ biggest events, there are always chances to see or participate in a musical performance on campus. Whether you want to be a star on stage or just enjoy sitting back and watching a performance, there are plenty of ways to appreciate the arts at Villanova. If you’re interested in performing with our talented a cappella groups, you can audition as soon as you arrive on Villanova’s campus. If you’re not one to get on stage and perform a fantastic Ed Sheeran remix yourself, then sit back, relax and enjoy the show!



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