The Next Steps for Admitted Students

candidates day

Congratulations on your admission to Villanova! You certainly should be proud as it was a very competitive year with our largest Early Action pool in Villanova’s history. We were very fortunate to receive 9,377 applications.   That is an 8.6% increase compared to last year’s 8,636. Perhaps at this point, you might be excited for what happens next.

  1. If you haven’t done so already, come visit campus. We have a few programs geared towards admitted students that give you a closer look at Villanova. See what’s available here:

    You’ll also be receiving invitations to attend our admitted student events in the coming weeks.

  2. If you have questions about scholarships, we are in the midst of that process right now. It is important to note that the December 1 nomination deadline for the Presidential Scholarship has since passed. Should you move further in either the Presidential Scholarship or Villanova Scholarship processes, we will contact you by the end of January. Final scholarship award letters will be sent by April 1.
  3. Remember that the deadline to apply for need-based financial aid is February 7, 2016. This is different from the academic merit scholarships mentioned above. To apply for need-based financial aid, you must submit the FAFSA and the CSS profile. Financial aid award packages will go out in late March and early April.

    Please go to this link for more information:

  1. Get excited about Villanova and the rest of the future. You can meet many of your new classmates on our Admitted Student Facebook Group for the Class of 2020.

    If your Facebook name is different from your actual name, please email the administrator with this information so they can verify your identity and add you to the group.

I hope that you found this additional information helpful. Enjoy your holiday break from school. Merry Christmas and all our best wishes for a successful 2016!

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