Early Action Deferral. What’s Next?


This year, we were very fortunate to receive the largest Early Action pool of applicants in our University’s history with 9,377 students applying. That is an increase 8.6% from last year’s 8,627 early action applicants.

It should be noted that historically the Early Action round is more competitive for admission compared to the Regular Decision process. Our office is purposefully more conservative during Early Action as it is always difficult to predict who will be applying for regular decision.

With all this in mind, the admission office certainly knows that there are many strong performing students who have been deferred for review during Regular Decision.

If you are among the deferred, here are some suggestions and advice for things that you can do:

  1. Focus on your academics in your senior year and have your college counselor send us your most recent grades. We can only accept grade reports from these individuals. Certainly, continued success and improvement in the classroom can be an effective way to swing the pendulum in your favor.
  2. If you wish, you may email the admission officer on our staff responsible for your region. In this email, you can include a few paragraphs and emphasize some information that may not be readily apparent when looking at your application. That can certainly include recent accomplishments, awards, or lessons that you’ve learned recently. Please note that this is not required and that you are not being evaluated on the length of this email. Making concise points can be more effective in these cases.To find out who your admission officer is, check this link:https://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/admission/staff.html
  1. You can also do the same thing mentioned in item #2 in the form of a letter if you like. However, in this age of technology and scanning of documents, it is very easy for us to add your email to your electronic folder. We all appreciate being green and saving some paper as well!
  2. Please know that you do not need to do this multiple times. The frequency of contact does not increase your chances of being admitted. Certainly, if you have questions, you can contact our office to obtain this information. Should Villanova be your top choice, we genuinely appreciate knowing that as well. We respectfully recommend that you work hard and enjoy the remainder of your senior year.

We will address the topic of demonstrated interest more specifically in a future post.

I hope that you found this additional information helpful. Enjoy your holiday break from school. Merry Christmas and all our best wishes for a successful 2016!

2 thoughts on “Early Action Deferral. What’s Next?

  1. What percentage of deferrals to the Business school get accepted? Villanova is my number one school and I plan to enroll without hesitation if accepted in the regular decision round, but I’m curious what my chances are since I was deferred. Thank you!


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